Apartments (Kitchen and room with private bathroom), suitable for 2/4  persons.

Double rooms (big bed)

Single rooms

Disableds suitable apartment  (big kitchen and double room, with bathroom)


Eutopia, is located at  650 mts. above  sea level, in  the hearth of Montefeltro area,    deep in the wonderful wild landscape and surrounded by the rural natural and beautiful scenary of San Leo(RN). Have a Look toward the horizon: Our eyes can see the small mountain village of San Leo and its fortress, located just between the hills and the sea and between the far plain and the Titano rocky hill, where stands the oldest Republic of italian peninsula:  San Marino Republic.

All these features give to the lanscape an inimitable and unique perspective that everyone can see and enjoy and where reigns the sacred oak of Jupiter Feretrius.

History tells that ancient Romans dedicated him a Temple.

This place is really magic and gives everyone the chance to plung and share and to became part of all the natural misterious events occurring every day. Everyone will experience such a hight emotions and can use them as  precious  source of well-being.

This is the why the name "Eutopia," coming from latin, and meaning "the good place", was chosen for that place.


Organic crops organized  respecting the environments and the biodiversity that surrounds it.

Our agricultural products:

wheat and barley, beans and vegetables, organic fruits, honey.

On the horizon the ancient village of San Leo dominated by the Fortress, nestled between the hills and the sea between the far plain and the Titano rock where is located the old Republic  of  San Marino.

Un luogo pieno di quiete e di bellezze paesaggistiche uniche.

 L'ideale per

un soggiorno indimenticabile