Eutopia is a term, a word coming from the ancient Greek. The etimology (EU TOPOS)  is the meaning of "BUON LUOGO".  The stunning, landscaping, green area where the farm stands, inspired visitors and inhabitants of this place the ongoing search for a  right and achievable  well-being.

Under the auspices of Giove Feretrio and in the shadow of its sacred oaks, we live the sense, the direction, the dance of life in the company of the beings that surround us. 

Protected by the good wishes of Giove Feretrio, under the shadow of his sacred oaks, we live the way and the meaning of the dance of life, together with everything around.

 What does it mean " BioDiversity?"

We live in a natural environment where biodiversity plays a key role. Biodiversity is the whole variety of creatures and beings living on our Earth, an immeasurable variety of organisms and microrganisms, plants and animal beings and ecosystems all joined each other, all interdependent and all essential. The men is an essential part of the biodiversity and of the ecosystem. Thanks to biodiversity the Mother Nature is is able to provide us with food, water, energy and all resources for our daily survival.

......In this context, insisting on the knoll,  immersed in the green of fields, lies the accomodation area of Eutopia, (from the ancient Greek eu- topos), which name means and represents  the "good place" and the ideal place for life, the greatest part of humans is looking for..

Eutopia is a wonderful place where arts,  techniques and habits of the ancient knowledges of  peasant civilization, becomes a way of life and a new concept of  farmhouse. 

In this view, Eutopia promotes and renews the ancient knowledge, linked to production cycles. Eutopia applies and respects these traditional rules of  ancient farmers, both in producing and transforming agricultural products.

Natural environment  and Biodiversity

About us

This place is made for everyone that love the whole art, the real one, that one that only Mother Nature is able to create and that one the all humans should always save and support

Un luogo pieno di quiete e di bellezze paesaggistiche uniche.

 L'ideale per

un soggiorno indimenticabile