We are happy to welcome your pets....but we do this with caution

All your pets are welcome here. Please, help us to do our best about this matter! 

 Your "4 legged hairy friend" can stay with you throughout the whole stay, everytime, everywhere.

Outdoor spaces, natural environments and a planty of green areas will allow them to spend a beautiful vacation too.

During the healthy walks with your pets, you will enjoy clean air full of chlorophyll, surrounded by breathtaking views.

We can provide (free of charge) bowls for food and water for our nice guest and clean cloths. All these objects will be sanitized on nice guests departure.

A small extra charge of 5 Euros (one-off ) will be required to all our clients bringing animals with them on vacation,  this sum will be used to clean the shared environments at your departure.

For a best  fairness, towards all the other guests of the farm which will be present in the same period, we kindly ask you, upon confirmation of arrival date: 

* to tell us about the presence of your pets and which kind of pets will accompain you

* to explain us if you have a docile and friendly pet or if it needs its own spaces

* to let us know if you need bowls for your pet , in this case you will find bowls, in your room, on arrival.

* to provide cleaning the dirty of your own pet for the good co-existence with the other guests of the farm. The owner    of the pet is pleased to store the organic material in the appropriate containers

* to let us know if the pet needs veterinary treatments ( we can contact our very trained veterinarian)

* to be so kind to avoid carrying your pet in the breakfast room, where breakfast is served. You will safely let it wait for you, for a short time, under the porch, on the leash, to avoid possible escapes, or safely leave it in your own room.

On respect of our own kind pets and also respectfully towards all the other guests of the farm, we recall that there are ordinances regarding the presence of animals in public facilities, that surely, everyone who loves their animals can view and implement and follow their concepts.


Do you remember my bathing costume and my hiking boots?

Un luogo pieno di quiete e di bellezze paesaggistiche uniche.

 L'ideale per

un soggiorno indimenticabile